Powdered alum & acne

Written by nitu bansal | 13/05/2017
Powdered alum & acne
Acne free skin (close up of beautiful face image by Paul Hill from Fotolia.com)

Acne is a common skin condition during adolescence. It affects mostly teenagers. Acne can occur due to hormonal changes during puberty or it can be genetic. Unhealthy diet and lifestyle are also important contributors to acne. There are several treatments including home remedies available for acne, including some that use powdered alum.

What is Alum?

Alum is a chemical compound and constitutes a combination of an alkali and metal. It can either be a salt of sodium, potassium or ammonium and aluminium, iron or chromium. The most common form of alum is hydrated potassium aluminium sulphate. Other forms are soda alum, ferric alum and ammonium alum. Alum can be used in industries or in the household.

Alum as a Homemade Remedy

Alum powder is a powerful tool to treat acne. It is cheap and readily available for use by everybody. The use of alum powder in combination with other things gives quick relief to acne, and daily use can diminish scars.

Ways to Use Alum for Acne

A mixture of 1/4 cup of witch hazel and a pinch of alum can be applied as a paste on acne/pimples. Daily use of this paste will give quick relief to acne.

Powdered alum can also be mixed with hot water or rosewater and egg white and applied on face as a pack for 15 minutes. This will close the pores and remove acne.

Shop for Alum

Alum can be purchased as a powder, block or deodorant. It is easily available in the spice section in the grocery stores. It can also be bought over the counter in some pharmacy stores.

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