What is the minimum wage for models?

Written by will norman | 13/05/2017
What is the minimum wage for models?
High-fashion is only one type of modelling. (Fashion Model image by Adam Radosavljevic from Fotolia.com)

Whether you have dreams of modelling for runways or magazines, opportunities are many. The salary range for a model is as varied as the types of modelling jobs that are available.

Top Models

The glass-ceiling barrier for women is reversed when it comes to modelling. Top male models generally earn up to £1,625 a day, whereas their female counterparts can pull in £6,500 daily.

Trade Show Models

A number of modelling and talent agencies are open to new talent. Trade show models can expect to earn between £65 to £260 per hour. Also, height requirements aren't as strict as they are for runway models.

Artists' Models

Models who pose nude for artists and art classes are at the low end of the modelling pay scale. Expect to make between £7 to £9 per hour. Depending on some employers, tips are also possible.

Website Postings for Models

Modelling jobs are frequently posted on such websites as Craigslist. Some photographers and production companies are legitimate and will pay equal to or greater than what art schools pay, but don't expect a £195 plus hourly wage.

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