The average salary of a music director

Written by aurelio locsin | 13/05/2017
The average salary of a music director
A music director leads musical groups in performances. (music image by Markus Götze from

Music directors conduct musical or vocal performances by orchestras, bands or choirs. They can work for educational institutions, entertainment complexes or performing arts organisations. The position typically requires both musical and organizational skills.


The PayScale Report states that as of August 2010, the greater the experience of music directors, the higher their salaries. Those with one to four years of work earn £11,296 to £23,052 annually, while those with 10 to 19 years receive £14,545 to £30,660.


The type of employer affects pay. Music directors at colleges and universities earn the most, at £29,250 to £65,000, followed by those at schools and school districts, at £20,944 to £55,877. Those at fellowships make the least, at £9,100 to £24.70.


The location of employment determines pay. Those in New York show the widest and highest range, at £19,175 to £47,450. Those in Chicago receive £12,774 to £29,757, while those in Atlanta earn £17,525 to £32,936.

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