How to Buy a Share As a Gift

Updated November 21, 2016

A share of stock from a favourite company makes a great gift. Although most stock purchases do not come with an issued stock certificate, requesting a stock certificate from the broker gives your gift a special finishing touch.

Stock Selection

Choose a stock that has special meaning for the recipient. For a child, this might be a share of stock in his favourite toy store. For a golfer, select a stock in his favourite golf club manufacturer. Ladies may prefer stock in a cosmetics company.

Broker Fees

Place an order with a stockbroker. You will need the recipient's Social Security number and full name to make the purchase in his name. Inquire about brokerage fees, because not all brokers charge the same fees. Ask about the cost to have a stock certificate issued and mailed to you. Stock purchases normally do not come with a certificate unless specifically requested. The broker will purchase the share through the stock market, typically at the current market price.

Finishing Touch

Frame the stock certificate. Keep in mind the aesthetic sensibilities of the recipient or go fun and fabulous with a frame that reflects the issuing company's product line or style.

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