Information on hakko rifle scopes

Updated November 21, 2016

As of 2010, Hakko rifle scopes have been produced for over 40 years. In 2005 the company was reformed as Japan Optics Limited. Under its new name, Japan Optics continues to uphold Hakko's reputation for producing quality scopes.

Multi-Coated Lenses

All scopes from Japan Optics have multi-coated lenses, meaning that every lens surface has at least one protective layer.

Power and Reticles

Japan Optics scopes are available with both fixed magnification settings and adjustable magnification. Illuminated reticles--or cross-hairs--for the scopes are available on certain models.

Parallax Adjustment

Japan Optics long range scopes are available with parallax error corrections. Parallax error is an optical illusion of target movement caused by a shift in the shooters line of sight. This commonly occurs when the target is at a long range and the scope is set to a high magnification.

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