How to Print CD Inlays

Written by matthew battle | 13/05/2017
How to Print CD Inlays
Spruce up a blank CD case with your own personalised inlay. (multi coloured cd cases image by Scott Williams from

Printing CD inlays is a relatively straightforward way to create your own CD covers, which you can then put onto the covers of your copied CDs. All you need to carry out this task is a computer, printer and a CD cover design program.


Type "RonyaSoft CD Cover Maker" into your search engine, or simply "CD Cover Maker" and find your own CD cover software. Go to the home page of your chosen CD cover maker and click on the link for downloading the software.


Install the software to your computer and run the program. Go to the "Template" options in your program and choose the "CD Front," "CD Back" or "CD double" template, depending on how you want to design your inlay. Simply check the box next to your chosen template. Click "OK" or "Done."


Type in a title for the CD in the left-hand column, in the boxes below the headings "Specify Title 1" and so on. Type in as many lines as you want. Write in the track listing in the boxes provided beneath the heading "Specify Contents." Click on the "Add Image" option and upload an image from your computer to be displayed on the CD inlay, if you wish.

Cropping and Printing

Crop the image and click the "Print" tab when you have finished. Cut or fold along the lines denoting the edges of your inlay and insert into your CD case.

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