Gardening diary software & freeware

Updated February 21, 2017

Maintaining a garden diary is a good way of tracking your activities to help you hone your gardening skills. Monitoring planting dates, fertilisation, watering, trimming and rainfall in a software program gives you an organised way of analysing your efforts over time.

Garden Organizer Deluxe

Garden Organizer Deluxe is a commercial program for collecting notes and data about gardening. It allows users to create tables of information, generate labels, run reports and create Web pages of your garden information. It runs on the Windows operating system.


Folia is a free garden diary application that is Web-based. It has a mobile applications for the Apple iPhone, the Android phone and a mobile website. Users of Facebook and Wordpress can also download applications, widgets and plug-ins to add their Folia diary to their blogs and social media profiles.


Microsoft has a large repository of free templates for its Office line of programs that include tools for gardeners to create diaries within software they may already own. There are templates for monthly and seasonal gardening. Users can also download blank gardening calendars, photo albums and budgets to use in Office.

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