Equipment Used for Badminton

Written by james bisson | 13/05/2017
Equipment Used for Badminton
A game of badminton requires little equipment. (badminton image by Francis Lempérière from

The sport of badminton is contested at many levels, the highest of which is the Summer Olympics. One of its appeals is that it does not require much equipment to play, making it cost-friendly for people of all ages.


The racket is the device used to hit the badminton birdie over the net. Players should use a racket that feels comfortable in their hands. Stronger players may wish to opt for a larger racket that allows them to hit the birdie with more force, while players looking for flexibility may want to select a lighter model.


The birdie, also known as the shuttlecock, is what players hit over the net in an attempt to score points. Shuttlecocks feature bases made of rubber and cork attached to series of feathers that allow them to float through the air when hit.


The net divides a badminton court into two equal-sized sections. A standard net measures five feet from the top of the net cord to the floor, although it can be lowered for younger players. Shots that hit the top of the net are allowed, provided they still reach the other side of the court.

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