How long can a baby be in a baby bouncer seat?

Updated July 19, 2017

Baby bouncer seats give babies the opportunity to view the world from an upright position, while providing parents with safe place to put baby while doing other tasks. But as with all baby equipment, safe use falls within tight parameters.

Seat Sessions

While no strict guidelines exist for how long an infant should sit in a bouncer seat, parents should limit the amount of time a young baby spends in the semi-upright position. Infants are particularly prone to reduced blood oxygen levels when sleeping in baby seats. In addition, children left too long in a bouncer seat are prone to positional plagiocephaly or flattened head syndrome.

Size Safety

According to "Consumer Reports," a baby can enjoy the bouncer seat until she reaches the weight or age limit as stated by the manufacturer. Depending on the model, the limit is usually 8.16 to 13.6 Kilogram or 6 months old.


Always secure baby into the bouncer seat with the safety harness and never leave him unattended. Avoid placing bouncer seats on soft surfaces, such as beds or playpens, as this can cause baby's movements to tip over the seat, resulting in suffocation or other injury.

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