The Meaning of the Poplar Tree

Updated November 21, 2016

The poplar tree has several different variations, native to both North America and Europe. Over the centuries, through a variety of mythologies, the poplar tree has come to carry many symbolic meanings.

Corresponding to Birthdays

For every birthday, there is a corresponding tree which holds symbolic meaning attributed to the individuals born on that day. The poplar tree represents uncertainty for people born between August 5th and August 13th. Those associated with the poplar are said to be often lonely, artistic, organised and lacking confidence.

Celtic Mythology

The ancient Celtic alphabet is comprised of 20 Ogham letters, each assigned to a particular tree and each with a particular symbolic meaning. The poplar is assigned to the Ogham for "E," Edad, and represents victory, transformation and vision.

Symbolism in Heraldry

Trees in heraldry, the practice of tracing and recording genealogies, often held great meaning when representing a family's attributes on a coat of arms. The poplar tree can be represented on a coat of arms as a single tree or in a cluster of poplars, and it represents great strength.

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