The Health & Safety Policy of 1974

Written by rhonda day | 13/05/2017
The Health & Safety Policy of 1974
The Health and Safety Policy of 1974 requires visible notification of dangerous areas of a business. (safety lable image by Greg Pickens from

The Health and Safety Act of 1974 is meant to protect Great Britain's work force, and it helps businesses prevent occupational injury, illness and death. The safety policy outlines standards in the workplace and includes requirements for environmental health within the community.


The policy imposes safety regulations on employers to ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees. It requires written procedures that protect employees, and it controls the maintenance and security of harmful substances or potentially dangerous environmental emissions.


The health and safety executive enforces the safety policy and ensures adherence to all relevant regulations. He has authority to serve notices for deficiencies, withdraw approvals, issue warnings and prosecute violators.


Owners of non-compliant businesses may be prosecuted for violation of safety policies and a litigation officer administers prosecution notices. He ensures that necessary actions are taken to address health and safety violations.

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