How to buy grape leaves

Written by aletha reil | 13/05/2017
How to buy grape leaves
Grape leaves are popular in many Greek meals. (grape leaves image by Tasha from

Grape leaves are popular elements to many delectable Greek recipes served in fine Greek restaurants. These recipes can be easily duplicated in one's own kitchen, yet first, where and how to buy the leaves must be determined.

Buying fresh grape leaves

If you live in an area where there are a significant number of vineyards, you may be able to obtain some fresh grape leaves. However, these leaves must be blanched prior to use in any recipes.

Buying grape leaves locally

Local grocery stores often carry grape leaves in their speciality food sections, yet if you are unable to find them, they can be found at local Greek markets.

Buying grape leaves online

Another way to obtain grape leaves is by purchasing them through online vendors, which often offer grape leaves in jars that are pickled in a brine.

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