The Opticians Act

Written by carly reynolds | 13/05/2017
The Opticians Act
The Opticians Act was set in place to regulate eye care in the U.K. (spectacles image by martini from

The U.K. passed the Opticians Act in 1989 in an effort to establish a council that is responsible for maintaining and enforcing a level of standards in the optometry profession.


The Opticians Act established a council comprised of a number of committees. This council is responsible for determining appropriate standards of education for opticians. This council also has the responsibility of determining what is considered professional conduct and acceptable care in the optometry profession.


The Opticians Act, in addition to establishing a council, also set regulations regarding both the registration and education of opticians and the care they provide. This act set specific laws regarding sight testing, the fitting of glasses and contact lenses, and the sale of products.


Opticians in the U.K. are bound to perform within the laws and regulations set forth in this act. If an optician is in violation of any of these regulations, he is subject to the consequences ordered by the disciplinary committee. Consequences range from small disciplinary orders to suspension.

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