Health & safety policy definition

Written by jon hardy | 13/05/2017
Health & safety policy definition
Health and safety policies help protect employees and consumers. (safety first image by Greg Pickens from

A health and safety policy is a workplace guideline meant to protect the well-being of employees and customers. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration, known as OSHA, requires U.S. organisations with more than five employees to have one of these policies.


Health and safety policies must be clearly posted or otherwise available to employees. Employees must be provided with any additional safety-related training required for certain jobs. Employers must monitor the effectiveness of their policies and make necessary adjustments.


OSHA requires that employers perform a job hazard analysis, which analyses duties of a given job and determines safe practices in a given environment. The idea is to create a workplace in which all employees are aware of safety issues.


OSHA is authorised to conduct workplace inspections and enforce the "General Duty Clause" to ensure that employers provide everyone with a "safe and healthful" workplace.

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