Pet Insurance for Preexisting Conditions

Updated March 23, 2017

For many pet owners, the pet is considered an important part of the family. One way that pet owners provide for the physical well-being of their animal is through pet insurance. Pet insurance works in a similar way to health insurance for humans and serves as a precautionary measure in the event that the animal gets sick or injured. However, some pet owners are concerned about how their pet's pre-existing condition could affect their ability to obtain health insurance.

Identification of Preexisting Conditions

According to Embrace Pet Insurance, pre-existing conditions for pets fall into two categories: conditions that cannot be cured and those that can. If a pet has a pre-existing condition considered incurable, the pet may not be eligible to have the condition covered if they enrol in a pet health insurance plan.


Some pet health insurance companies will not provide insurance for a pet that has a pre-existing condition. Furthermore, there are quite a few insurance companies that do not cover breed-specific problems. Individuals should check with their policy to ensure that it will cover routine checkups and medical emergencies.

Choosing a Policy

According to the Pampered Puppy, owners should make sure the insurance company is licensed within their state. The owner should also confirm with the pet's regular veterinarian that the insurance will be acceptable. Always make sure to read the conditions and terms of the policy and understand your financial responsibilities in regard to co-pays, exclusions and deductibles.

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