Job Description for the Clerk of Works

Updated February 21, 2017

When remodelling of structures, facilities and buildings takes place, one person oversees the specifics of each project and monitors its progress. In the United Kingdom, a clerk of works carries out these duties. According to, as of August 2010, the average annual salary for a clerk of works was £30,000, or about £30,997 in United States currency.

Job Duties

A clerk of works reviews all permits and contracts for compliance before the renovation project commences. He inspects the job as it progresses to confirm it is on schedule and completed per specifications. A clerk of works regularly interacts with the architect or project manager.

Skill Requirements

A clerk of works must keep detailed records of all projects in process. She must communicate and resolve concerns with workers and supervisors as projects develop. She must possess math acumen to check and confirm project dimensions or interpret drawings and blueprints.

Preferred Background

Employers prefer candidates with a degree in engineering or a certificate of completion from a certified clerk of works institute. A professional background in project management is an asset, and experience in construction, civic planning or project management is also helpful.

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