Weed Killer for Brambles

Updated February 21, 2017

From blackberries to poison oak, brambles and woody weeds create eyesores in the garden. Removal is often difficult because these plants begin to grow under the soil's surface. The brambles must be controlled quickly once they have visibly emerged.

Chemical Killers

Triclopyr and glyphosate are two chemicals commonly used to kill weeds, including brambles, shrubs and other woody invaders. Sometimes these chemicals are combined with each another or a third chemical called imazapyr. These mixes are commercially available under trade names such as Roundup Ortho GroundClear Complete Vegetation Killer and Brush-B-Gone.


Since brambles and bushes are difficult to eradicate, it is necessary to follow the manufacturer's recommendations when applying herbicides to woody plants. Methods of application include spraying the plant's vegetation or digging up the plant's roots and applying the concentrate on the stumps. Another method of killing brambles is to inject chemicals into the plant's stem.


Paying close attention to your garden and hand pulling woody-stemmed seedlings at first sight is one alternative to chemical usage. Other suggestions include placing mulch over the area or digging out large stumps entirely. One creative approach, according to the University of California's Pest Management Program, is to send in a herd of goats.

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