What Is Carob Spice?

Carob spice is created from the edible seedpod of the carob tree, which tastes similar to cocoa. Carob was a staple in Mediterranean food and the most important source of sugar until the sugarcane and sugar beet became available.


The carob tree is a flowering evergreen shrub that is native to the Mediterranean. It's also found growing in the wild and has been used in food preparation since antiquity.


Carob is cultivated and produced in several forms, such as powder, juice, syrup and dried fruit. Carob syrup is also a traditional form of medicine for coughs and sore throats in Malta and Gozo.

Present-Day Uses

Today, the powdered carob seed is used primarily to make sweet chocolate-like confections by mixing it with some sort of palm oil, butter or saturated fat. Carob is commonly found in cake and fudge recipes.

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