Grants for Getting a Computer for College

Updated November 21, 2016

A variety of general grants is available to help students purchase computer equipment. Additionally, alternative options exist to help students obtain access to cheap or free computers.


Student grants provide support to low-income or disadvantaged students. Grant money can help out with a range of financial needs to help with a student's education. This includes money to fund course materials, as well as funds for computer equipment that can allow the student to carry out research and typewritten assignments necessary to complete a course of education.


Grants available to help students purchase computer equipment vary. They are based on a student's financial needs, with priority given to underrepresented students. Grants relate to specific courses that require the student to buy course materials or where courses are undersubscribed. Grants to cover student costs are also available for a wide range of degree programs.


Students who are dyslexic or have disabilities can apply to the educational establishment they attend to obtain free computers to use during their course, if applicable. Retailers also offer free computer deals for the cost of a monthly broadband package. Online websites can also provide cheap computers to schools and colleges, as well as to students who want to make the most of their grants.

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