Retention Specialist Job Description

Updated February 21, 2017

Customer retention plays a critical role for almost all businesses. A retention specialist is a professional who works to ensure that customers continue to purchase and use an organisation's products and services.


A retention specialist position typically requires a high school diploma or GED. Along with education, most employers require good communication and problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to listen to and understand the needs or concerns of customers. Most of these professionals use customer relationship management (CRM) software or databases, so good computer and typing skills are also required.


A big part of a retention specialist's duties includes receiving incoming calls from customers who wish to discontinue using their organisation's products or services. This includes assisting customers who may have complaints or issues with billing, as well as customers who require products or services to be changed to best fit their needs.


Compensation packages can vary for this occupation because employers may offer bonuses or commissions based on the retention specialist's success rate. As of July 2010, online career resource Indeed listed a national average salary of £33,800 per year for a customer retention specialist.

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