What is mansard roof tile?

Written by andrea stein | 13/05/2017
What is mansard roof tile?
Mansard roof tiles come in a variety of materials (slate image by BONNIE C. MARQUETTE from Fotolia.com)

Roofs can come in a wide array of shapes and styles, while the tiles on a roof help define the overall look of the house. The mansard roof offers a distinct look and design.


Mansard roof tiles are used on a certain style of roof called the mansard roof. Also referred to as a French roof, the mansard roof is a hip, four-sided roof characterised by two slopes on each side.


Mansard roof tiles come in a variety of materials. Wood tiles can be used, but are not fireproof and may need replacement over time due to wear. Clay tiles are rigid and not recommended due to the curved form of mansard roofs. Slate, or shingle-like slivers of rock, is typically the recommended material. Slate tiles can be laid out in a variety of patterns and is considered very durable.


The mansard roof was named after Francois Mansart, an architect of the French Baroque period, for his frequent use of the design. Slate mansard roofs grew in popularity during the Second French Empire (1852 through 1870), and are still used today.

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