Treatment for acne on the chin of a cat

Updated June 19, 2018

Cats can get acne. Typically, the acne is only on a cat's chin and lips. Cats can have this condition throughout their lives. The cause is unknown, but cats may get acne because of plugged oil glands. The acne looks like blackheads in the beginning and progresses to red bumps that may be itchy or painful for your cat.


Your veterinarian may suggest that you use the same products humans use for acne, such as retinoids and benzoyl peroxide. If a yeast infection accompanies the acne, your vet may have you use an over-the-counter anti-fungal cream that contains miconazole and clotrimazole, which you use twice a day for two weeks.

Daily Care

Disinfect the chin by soaking your cat in an Epson salt bath. Alternatively, you can apply an antibacterial cream to the chin. The vet may also want you to wash the cat's chin with a medicated product once or twice a week.

Severe Cases

For cats with a severe acne problem, your vet may prescribe oral antibiotics. Some of these drugs are potentially dangerous. Anti-fungal medications can induce liver disease, for example. If you decide to use oral antibiotics for acne treatment, you must closely monitor your cat. Loss of appetite is a sign of liver disease.

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