The job description of a school site manager

Written by shaleah patterson | 13/05/2017
The job description of a school site manager
School site managers are responsible for maintaining the daily operations of the school grounds. (alles schinkel? image by Till Kistner from

The main responsibility of a school site manager is to supervise the school in its entirety and to manage the maintenance and security of the building. School site managers must have excellent leadership skills.

Tasks and Duties

The main duties of a school site manager include: securing the premises of the school, checking the site regularly to ensure that there are no safety or health hazards, providing advice and guidance, managing and monitoring the cleaning staff and ensuring that children are safe at all times. School site managers must also make sure that repairs are taken care of.

Qualifications and Training

School site managers may have to undergo training courses given by the school. They must also have experience in management and a clean, valid driver's license.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

A school site manager must have excellent communication skills, organisation skills and interpersonal skills. School site managers should be flexible and have the willingness to be trained.


School site managers can earn anywhere from £32,500 to £39,000, as of 2010, according to However, salaries can vary depending on the industry, size of the company and professional experience.

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