Door supervisor job description

Updated February 21, 2017

Private clubs and event promoters frequently post a person at the entrance of the location to screen patrons before admittance. A door supervisor, also called a bouncer or door steward, performs this job. According to PayScale, as of July 2010 the salary range in the United States for a door supervisor is between £12,844 and £19,984.

Job Duties

A door supervisor keeps the site and customers secure. He typically checks identification documents to verify the legal alcohol consumption ages of patrons at bars or nightclubs and ensures they are appropriately dressed for the venue. His job requires searching people and their bags or parcels for illegal items such as drugs or weapons.

Skill Requirements

A door supervisor needs a friendly and engaging personality accompanied with an air of authority and respect. He must possess conflict resolution skills to quickly and effectively defuse potentially volatile situations. If he is in charge of collecting tickets or entrance fees, he must have organizational and math abilities.

Preferred Background

Experience in security operations or as a personal bodyguard is desirable for a door supervisor job. A background in law enforcement is a plus, and a good record of accomplishment in public relations or crowd control is preferred.

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