Parts consultant job description

Written by elias westnedge | 13/05/2017

Parts consultants work in automotive shops, dealerships and parts stores. They monitor the inventory of parts departments, maintain knowledge of automotive systems and inform customers of basic technical information on their cars.

Job Duties

Parts consultants pick out automotive parts for consumers. They speak with consumers to diagnose basic automotive problems. Parts consultants also perform sales duties in attempting to sell more expensive items.


A high school diploma or GED is usually sufficient for a parts consultant; however, a college degree in business, engineering or sales may be helpful. Parts consultants should be experienced with automotive systems, vehicle maintenance and automotive parts. A mechanic background and sales experience is helpful for parts consultants.


As of July 2010, the average annual salary for a parts consultant ranged from £17,505 to £27,040, according to PayScale. This salary figure includes both base salary and commissions from parts sales.

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