The Business Strategist Job Description

Written by marquis codjia | 13/05/2017
The Business Strategist Job Description
A business strategist applies analytical skills when performing duties. (business colleagues preparing for business meeting image by Vladimir Melnik from

Business strategists help a company's senior leadership improve internal processes in operating activities. They also review external factors, such as economic trends and demand levels, to determine potential sales of a product or service.

Work Activities

A business strategist develops data, prepares planning documents, researches assigned problems, and recommends appropriate solutions to senior management. He also gathers information on competitors' products and services, collects and reviews demographic data on potential customers and measures the effectiveness of marketing strategies in the short and long term.

Tools, Technologies and Skill Set

According to the career information website O*Net Online, a business strategist uses desktop computers, analytical or scientific software and project management software when performing duties. She also must have good communication skills and effective decision-making aptitude.

Academic Credentials and Remuneration

Business strategists generally hold bachelor's degrees in business management or related fields, although companies might hire candidates with less education but practical experience. The average yearly salary for business strategists was £64,350 as of 2010, according to the job resources website Indeed.

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