What Is the standard size of a two car garage?

Written by amy haycock | 13/05/2017
What Is the standard size of a two car garage?
A standard two-car garage is 610 cm by 610 cm (20 by 20 feet). (house image by Brett Bouwer from Fotolia.com)

Two-car garages are available in a variety of sizes and can be either attached to a home or freestanding. In addition to protecting vehicles and providing storage space, a two-car garage can increase a home's property value.


The smallest standard width of a two-car garage is 610 cm (20 feet), which will provide just enough space to fit two cars side by side. A 690 cm (22 foot) garage will provide a small amount of additional space for storage.


The minimum standard depth of a two-car garage is 610 cm (20 feet). Increasing the garage depth to 850 cm (28 feet) will provide enough space for longer vehicles or additional equipment such as a work bench or shelving.


The standard height of a two-car garage is 240 cm (8 feet).

Door Size

The standard height for a two-car garage door is between seven and nine feet. The standard door width is between 360 and 540 cm (12 and 18 feet).

Attached vs. Free-Standing Garages

The size of an attached two-car garage is typically based on the size of the house and cannot be altered by the homeowner. If building a free-standing garage, the homeowner can determine the size based on vehicle dimensions and storage needs.

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