Spiritual Meaning of a Rose

Written by laura cone | 13/05/2017
Spiritual Meaning of a Rose
A single white is called the rose of confession. (altar bible image by palms from Fotolia.com)

Roses hold a spiritual significance throughout history. Monks took care of rose gardens in the Middle Ages. Biblical scholars cite references to roses in the Bible. A single red rose, as the Alchemy Guild points out, symbolises the mystic centre.


Spiritual Meaning of a Rose
Believers anoint themselves with rose oil before praying. (Massage items with scattered rose petals image by Sophia Winters from Fotolia.com)

The rose is a symbol of the soul in the Muslim religion. Prophet Muhammad used roses as part of his spiritual practices. The fragrance of the rose reminds followers of the connection with their souls.


Spiritual Meaning of a Rose
Jesus wore a crown of thorns which symbolises sacrifice. (Jesus image by astoria from Fotolia.com)

Roses appear in religious depictions of paradise. As the Rev. Theodore A. Koehler notes, the red rose stands for martyrs. The five petals of the rose signify the wounds of Christ. The Virgin Mary is the "Mystic Rose."


The colour of a rose has spiritual significance. The white rose, the "rose of confession" stands for pure spiritual love. White roses in a bridal bouquet represent a holy union. Red roses stand for sacrifice.


Giving a single white rose expresses forgiveness. A bouquet of a dozen roses means "true love" because 12 is considered by many religions as a complete cycle. Nine roses stand for eternal love.


Aphrodite is depicted with roses in her hair. Achilles's shield has a rose emblem. The Greek poet Sappho wrote about roses.

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