Constantly loose stools in dogs

Written by ealisa adams | 13/05/2017
Constantly loose stools in dogs
Constantly loose stools can be caused by several different reasons and cause lethargy in dogs. (dog image by Michal Tudek from

Constantly loose stools, more commonly known as diarrhoea, can occur in dogs for several different reasons. Although it can be a normal symptom of an upset stomach, it can also be dangerous if it happens often.


The most common symptom of constantly loose stools is excessive, frequent watery faeces. Mucus or blood may also be present in the stools. Stomach discomfort is usually also a sign of diarrhoea. The discomfort may be accompanied by lethargy and scratching or biting of the dog's side.


Loose stool, or diarrhoea, is commonly caused by gastrointestinal distress, which can be caused by food ingested that does not settle well in the dog's digestive system. It can also be caused by a change in the dog's diet or something that the dog has got into such as cat food, spoiled garbage or chocolate.


If the diarrhoea is not serious enough to be treated by a veterinarian, you can do a couple things at home to help your pet. Because diarrhoea can cause dehydration, you should make sure to keep lots of water available for the dog to drink. You should also remove the dog's food and let the diarrhoea pass.


Leaving dry dog food out for several days at a time can cause it to become stale. Stale food, and even water, can cause the dog to have loose stools. Mold can also grow in food or water left out so be sure to keep your dog's food and water fresh.


Constantly loose stools in dogs can cause dehydration and can be serious if left untreated. Only a veterinarian can properly treat a dog for chronic diarrhoea.

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