Teddy Bear Cut for Dogs

Written by erin maurer | 13/05/2017
Teddy Bear Cut for Dogs
The teddy was the inspiration for a popular dog grooming style. (teddy-bear image by Vitezslav Halamka from Fotolia.com)

Taking your dog to a grooming salon is much like treating yourself to a shampoo and cut. Grooming experts note there are several types of cuts that are most popular for all dog breeds. Other breeds, like the poodle and Pomeranian, have specialised cuts for the breed's coat.


According to the Comfy Couch website, the teddy bear cut is one of the most popular grooming cuts for dogs. It is a "long and fluffy look," leaving dogs looking fluffy like a cuddly, stuffed animal.


When performing a teddy bear cut, the dog's head is left long and full. While a groomer may trim the head, most of the fur's length on the head remains.


According to the Pet Insurance website, the most drastic changes during a teddy bear cut is to the dog's body. Groomers remove at least half of the dog's hair from the body.


Like the head, a dog's legs are left long. The overall look is much like a teddy bear, a close cut body with a fluffy head and legs.


For a dog, the first trip to a groomer can be overwhelming. Bring a photo, and communicate with the groomer to express exactly how the finished cut should look. Drop your dog off, and leave during the grooming to avoid doggy anxiety.

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