Revolution Feline Flea Treatment

Updated November 21, 2016

Several commercial products are available to treat fleas on cats. Revolution, made by Pfizer, is one of the many prescription flea medications. The easy application and defence against multiple parasites. make Revolution one of the most popular flea prevention medications for cats.

What is Revolution?

Revolution for cats contains selamectin. The chemical affects the nervous system of the parasites, resulting in their extermination.

What does Revolution treat?

Revolution kills adult fleas, prevents heartworms, and treats ear mites and roundworm infestations. Revolution does not treat other intestinal parasites.

How does Revolution work?

Revolution is applied topically to the pet between the shoulder blades. The selamectin is absorbed through the skin and enters the cat's bloodstream. The blood then distributes the medication to prevent and treat fleas and other parasites.

What are side effects of Revolution?

Most cats are tolerant of Revolution. A small percentage of cats experience digestive issues or minor hair loss at the application site.

Where is Revolution sold?

Revolution is a controlled medication, requiring a prescription from a veterinarian. Many veterinary offices sell Revolution. A wide variety of online pet supply stores also sell Revolution, but still require a prescription from a veterinarian.

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