Why Do I Need Carpet Underlay?

Carpet underlay is also known as carpet padding and carpet cushioning. The right carpet underlay will give the carpet a softer, more luxurious feel, prolong the life of the carpet and save money in the long run. Carpet underlays are available in a variety of materials, thicknesses and density.


A carpet underlay can improve thermal insulation. By using carpet underlay you are adding a layer of insulation, which reduces heat loss in winter and helps keep heat out during warmer months.

Shock Absorption

A carpet underlay acts as a shock absorber and absorbs foot traffic, allowing the carpet to bounce back into shape. This is more comfortable underfoot and helps the carpet retain its shape.


Using a carpet underlay will help remove dirt when vacuuming the carpet. The underlay allows more air to be sucked up, which insures maximum cleaning power.

Preventing Wear

A carpet underlay absorbs wear and tear on your carpet, extending the life of the carpet.


A carpet with a separate carpet underlay camouflages surface irregularities in the flooring. This will allow for less floor preparation when the carpeting is installed.

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