The Standard Height of Kitchen Counters

Kitchen counters are built at several standard heights, depending on their intended use. While there are no construction codes regulating the height of kitchen counters, the height of appliances and the homeowners are two factors to consider.

Standard Counters

Most standard kitchen counters are 34-1/2 inches to 36 inches high. The height will depend upon the thickness of the counter material and the height of the base cabinets.


Kitchens with elevated or lowered sinks will have counters of differing heights. An elevated sink might sit 38 inches above the floor, while a lowered sink will sit 34 inches above the floor.


Lowered cooktop counter surfaces are approximately 34 inches high and support low-profile hob stoves.

Bar Top

Kitchen bar top counters are generally elevated to allow space for bar stools below. Elevated kitchen bar tops are usually 42 inches high.


Island counters often sit even with the height of other kitchen counters but can stand higher or lower, depending upon their support systems and use. Islands with tops 28 to 30 inches high are ideal for use with chairs; 36 inches is used for standing work surfaces; and a height of 42 to 48 inches works for bar stools.

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