Job description of a leisure attendant

Written by natalie baker | 13/05/2017
Job description of a leisure attendant
Leisure attendants can be found working in recreation centres. ("The champion in a fitness centre". image by Andrey Kiselev from

Leisure attendants are employed in a range of venues including recreation and leisure centres. The role is a customer-facing position, which involves setting up equipment, supervising participants and adhering to health and safety procedures.


The educational requirements for leisure attendants vary depending on job role. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report demonstrated experience in a particular activity is more important than a degree. Some job roles require certification, such as a life-saving certificate for those involved with water activities.


Leisure attendants should be outgoing, confident and able to get along well with people of ages. The ability to give clear instructions and sensitivity to the needs of others is important for those leading activities.


Warwick District Council list typical duties of a leisure attendant working at a swim centre as setting up equipment, supervising pool activities, spotting potential hazards and providing excellent customer service.


The BLS notes the industry has many opportunities for part time and seasonal workers. Employment is predicted to grow by 15 per cent over the next decade, which is faster than in other occupations.


According to Indeed, the average annual salary of a leisure attendant in July 2010 was £11,700.

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