HP Wireless Printer Problems

Written by jim campbell | 13/05/2017
HP Wireless Printer Problems
Troubleshoot common HP printer issues. (Printer cable image by rasita from Fotolia.com)

HP manufactures printers that are used by several home and office users. Installing a printer has some common issues, and HP provides some tips and solutions for the common problems.


Wireless issues cause formatting issues. Some clients cannot print at all to the printer. This is typically from improper drivers installed or a loose printer cable.


Most HP printers come with software that alerts the user to issues. An icon displays in the system tray that says the printer is disconnected or out of ink.


If the wrong drivers are installed, the printer may print but the font and layout are malformed. Users can rectify the issue by installing the latest HP drivers.


Mechanical issues also cause printer issues. If mechanical issues are suspected, inspect the printer for paper jams or broken components.


For severe issues, the printer may need replacement. Some printer issues are more expensive than the cost of a new HP printer.

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