Child Accident Safety in Nursery School

Updated March 23, 2017

During their early years, children enjoy exploring the world around them. Although this habit is valuable for their development, it also poses a safety risk. As explained by University of Wisconsin Health, "as children learn and explore their world, accidents will happen." To prevent injuries, nursery schools should utilise certain child safety techniques.


Falls remain one of the most serious and frequent accidents among small children. Nursery school caregivers should never allow children to climb on tables and counters. Children should be constantly supervised while sitting in chairs or walking up stairs.


Keep small objects, such as coins, buttons, game pieces and marbles, out of the reach of children and toddlers, as these pose a serious choking risk. As extra precaution, nursery school employees should be professionally trained in the Heimlich Maneuver and CPR.

Electrical Sockets

With their endless curiosity, small children have a tendency to touch everything, which poses a significant risk when they explore electrical sockets. As a safety prevention, keep all unused outlets covered and carefully monitor children around used outlets.

Hard Floors

Hard floors are inevitable in most nursery schools, which can be problematic when children trip or fall onto the floor. To soften the surface, add carpets or large, plush area rugs to all common areas in the nursery school.


According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, "soft bedding may present a suffocation hazard for infants." Nursery schools that provide care to infants and babies should provide firm mattresses without pillows. Older children are at risk for becoming entangled in curtain cords and electrical cords, suffocating themselves.

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