Waist Pain

Many people suffer every day from aches and pains. Many experience waist pain. However, you must evaluate the pain. Is it soreness or the start of a much bigger problem?


Studies show that women suffer from waist pain more then men. The causes could be obesity, pregnancy, possible bladder infection or even a slipped disc. Burning and pain upon urination is a good sign of bladder infection. Most people are unaware of a slipped disc. They do however, experience significant pain.

Treatment and Care

Treatment and care for waist pain is contingent on the type and cause of the pain. To help alleviate pain, do not site or stand for long periods of time. Watch your food intake and, if you are pregnant, talk with your doctor on how to create a more comfortable environment.


You know your body better than anyone. Listen and pay attention to the severity and duration of your symptoms. Make an appointment with your physician to be sure you do not have a serious condition.

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