Is There Gold Ink for the Laser or Inkjet Printer?

Updated April 17, 2017

Laser and inkjet printers are the two most popular forms of household computer printers. These printers use specialised ink or toner cartridges that can create thousands of colours, including gold, on paper.

Black Cartridges

Black ink cartridges are used in inkjet printers. These cartridges contain a black dye that is squirted onto a piece of paper.

Colour Cartridges

Colour ink cartridges, unlike black ink cartridges, contain three colours. These colours are yellow, magenta and cyan.

Inkjet Ink

Inkjet ink is made up of dyes and pigments and is in a liquid form. It quickly dries to prevent smudging on your printed document.

Toner for Laser Printer

Toner, like inkjet ink, contains black, cyan, magenta and yellow colours. However, toner is used in laser printers and is actually a fine powder that adheres to a piece of paper.

No Gold Ink

Although there is no gold ink in inkjet and toner cartridges, printers can print gold colours. The gold colour is created by using a complex mixture of the three colours in the colour cartridge.

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