What Are the Causes of a Sharp Stabbing Pain in the Right Thigh?

Updated November 21, 2016

A sharp stabbing pain in your thigh can actually be the result of adhesion pain that comes from pelvic adhesions or abdominal adhesions. Other causes can be sciatica, hip and back pain and injury. This pain can radiate down into the inner thighs.


Sharp, stabbing thigh pain can also be the result of sciatica, reports the Net Wellness website. When there is pressure on or damage to the sciatic nerve, it can result in pain that runs your back to your feet.


Pain in the right thigh could indicate a pinched nerve or compression of a nerve. You may have suffered from a muscle strain, torn a ligament or be suffering from peripheral neuropathy.

Your Back

Back injuries or back misalignment can result in pain that can involve your thigh, your buttock and your entire leg. The pain may be short-lived and extreme.

Quadriceps Injury

If you have injured the quadriceps, which are the muscles on the thigh, this can result in sharp, stabbing pain, according to

Above the Knee

One area that is often injured is the musculotendinous junction located just above your knee. This is where the muscle becomes the tendon. This can result in thigh pain.


Hip pain can radiate down into your thigh causing sharp, stabbing pain, according to the Everyday Health website. Your doctor may order a blood test to determine if your white blood cells or erythrocyte sedimentation rates are elevated. This indicates that there is some type of infection in your hip that is causing your pain.

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