Bowel Cancer in Cats

Updated March 23, 2017

Feline bowel cancer is a relatively rare condition that affects the intestines of cats. It is also called feline intestinal and feline colon cancer. Cancer is broadly defined as malignant, abnormal cellular growth that frequently develops into cellular masses called tumours.


The specific cause of bowel cancer in cats is unknown, but exposure to carcinogenic (cancer causing) materials will increase the risk, reports


The symptoms of bowel cancer in cats may include blood or mucus in the stool, more frequent defecation than is typical, diarrhoea, vomiting and weight loss.


Due to the similarity in symptoms to other ailments and its rarity, diagnosis of feline bowel cancer is first achieved by excluding other possible conditions. Common tests include stool and urine analysis, blood tests and X-rays. Eventually, a biopsy may be taken.


Where possible, surgical removal of tumours is the first line of treatment, according to the Cat Health Guide. Chemotherapy is the other major treatment option.


Due to the rare nature of the condition, feline bowel cancers frequently go undiagnosed until they have become untreatable. Even with treatment the survival rate tends to be quite low, according to

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