Teddy bear dog breed information

Updated February 21, 2017

Teddy bear dogs sold as teddy bear puppies are a mixed breed dog. They are one of many designer dogs that are very popular. Their name comes from their endearing looks.


Teddy bear dogs are bred by breeding a variety of purebred and hybrid small dogs. The breeds often used are poodles, shih tzus and bichon frise.

Temperament Characteristics

The teddy bear dogs are bred to be small dogs that make good family pets. They are described as being intelligent and sweet dogs that do not bark much.

Physical Characteristics

There are no set standards that define a teddy bear dog because they are a mixed breed dog. They are usually small, fluffy dogs with a cute teddy bear face.

Buying a Teddy Bear Puppy

Some breeders charge more than £650 for these mixed breed puppies. Checking veterinary references, health records of the parent dogs, and visiting the breeder's facility will help you find out if you are getting a healthy puppy that has been well cared for.


Teddy bear dogs are not recognised by the American Kennel Club because they are not considered a purebred dog. Breeders claiming to have them papered or registered may have done so with the Designer Canine Registry, which documents lineage but does not have set breed standards to be met.

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