Common Vetch Weed Control

Written by elton dunn | 13/05/2017
Common Vetch Weed Control
Vetch blooms can be pretty. (wicken image by Annett Goebel from

Common vetch, which is sometimes used as a cover crop to provide nutrients for the soil, can become a garden weed if seeds remain or if vetch blooms volunteer themselves in your yard.


Common vetch is a trailing vine that can form large mats if left untended. Vetch displays small fuchsia flowers and pairs of elliptical pale green leaves along the stem.


Most often thought of as a winter weed, vetch can grow in the summer too. Vetch is common in the southeastern United States.

Natural Control

According to North Carolina State University, the best natural control for vetch is to plant a thick turf grass over the vetch seeds, then fertilise and water your turf grass so that it grows strong enough to choke out the common vetch.

Chemical Control

In the fall or spring, North Carolina State University recommends applying a broad-leaf herbicide to kill the common vetch. Always check with your local county extension office for a list of approved herbicides for your area.


Common vetch does not respond well to mowing, which may seem like an easy way to control your weed problem. The fine, matted vetch gets pushed over and is unharmed by the lawnmower blades.

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