Can you trade in two cars for one?

Written by michael ryan | 13/05/2017
Can you trade in two cars for one?
Trading two older cars for one can lower your expenses. (Image by, courtesy of Pedro Simões)

Trading in a vehicle is a stressful transaction. Between haggling on the trade value and an out-the-door price for a new vehicle, buyers are often left in the dark while negotiating. Despite this, it is possible to trade two cars in for a single new or used vehicle.

Remaining Balances

Trading two vehicles for one can be difficult if both have remaining balances that are less than the trade value. This may require financing more negative equity than a bank will accept. If one vehicle has a balance and the other does not, the equity could balance out.

Trade Values

Car dealerships try to buy used cars for their wholesale value. The wholesale value is equivalent to the amount a dealership would pay for a car or truck at auction. This amount is less than the trade-in value information available online.

Necessary Documentation

When you arrive at the dealership to trade both vehicles, make sure that you have the titles. If liens have been released, make sure you have letters supporting this from each lender.


While a 2-for-1 transaction is odd, all dealerships will be willing to complete such a sale. Just make sure that the dealership pays off any remaining balances--and get this commitment in writing.

Expert Insight

Although trading two vehicles for one seems like an odd request, it makes sense if your family is downsizing from multiple vehicles. Just make sure to negotiate and get the best overall deal possible.


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