Where to Buy Shrinky Dinks

Written by cathy rigden | 13/05/2017

Many adults remember using Shrinky Dinks as a child. They might not be a readily available as they once were, but they are not completely gone.


In 1973, Shrinky Dinks were first made available for purchase. They were invented by a Wisconsin housewife who noticed plastic lids shrink in the oven.


Shrinky Dinks are fun crafts made by colouring on a sheet of plastic, then placed in the oven. When they are in the oven, they shrink to one-third their original size.

Where to Buy the Kits

Most people who used Shrinky Dinks as a child remember using the ones that came in kits with their favourite cartoon character on them. These are no longer made but can sometimes be found on Internet sites.

Where to buy Shrinky Dinks Plastic Sheets

Even though the character kits are no longer being produced and sold in stores, you can find plain sheets of the plastic in craft stores. You can use these sheets to make just about anything.

Other Fun Shrinky Dinks

On the Shrinky Dinks website, you can find Shrinky Dink craft kits that allow you to make things such as luggage tags, charms and jewellery.


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