How much does a garage door installation cost?

Having an exterior garage door professionally installed can cost the homeowner up to a few hundred pounds depending on what type of garage door you want installed.

Door types

The main types of garage doors on the market are tilt-up doors and roll-up doors. Wood, aluminium and steel are three materials often used to make garage doors.

Tilt-up doors

A simple 4.8 by 2.1 metre (16 by 7 feet) aluminium or wooden tilt-up garage door costs between £260 and £455 to install. A larger 5.4 by 2.1 metre (18 by 7 feet) steel tilt-up garage door can cost between £488 and £780 to install.

Roll-up doors

Roll-up garage doors generally cost more than tilt-up garage doors. A wooden roll-up garage door can cost between £520 and £650 to have professionally installed.

DIY option

Some handymen can opt to install a garage door without the expensive help of professionals. Doing so can greatly reduce the costs linked with garage door installation.

Additional costs

Adding custom designs and colour stains to a garage door panel can drive up the ultimate cost of a garage door installation project.

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