What Is a Victorian Font?

Updated April 17, 2017

Fonts are typefaces consisting of letters, numbers and symbols. Long ago, fonts were created from wood blocks, inked and transferred to paper. These days, there are hundreds of fonts and styles of lettering available on your computer. The Victorian font is a late-19th-century creation.

Victorian Era

Victorian fonts reflect the fashions and styles of the times. The late 19th century found Victorian women in lavish gowns carrying parasols. The Victorian font is lavish as well.


Victorian fonts are not all the same, but they are similar. Ornate scrolls, letters within line shading and floral flourishes are hallmarks of Victorian fonts.

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau fonts are similar to Victorian fonts, and someone using them may not notice the difference. Created from 1880 through the 1940s, Art Nouveau fonts can be thick or thin in addition to heavily scrolled, similar to Victorian fonts.

Exaggerated Shapes

Black lettering outlined in white is a classic Victorian font. Letters that are stretched very tall also indicate Victorian. Serifs, which are placed as small circles or loops on font letters, are highly decorative.


Victorian fonts can be blended with other fonts to create unique variations. Some examples are Victorian Gothic, Victorian elegant, Victorian willowy and Victorian delicate.

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