Medicated Shampoos Recommended by Vets

Updated February 21, 2017

Medicated dog shampoos should be selected with care according to your dog's particular issue and coat type. Bathing your dog frequently, once every week or two, can help prevent some skin problems from forming. If you are uncertain as to what medicated formula is best for your dog, visit your veterinarian for advice. Also try over-the-counter, veterinarian-recommended formulas because these are generally effective for a large percentage of dogs.

Vet Solutions Universal Medicated Shampoo

Vet Solutions Universal Medicated Shampoo is designed to prevent and treat fungus and bacteria formation on your dog's skin and coat. The product can be used once a week, or more often if directed by your veterinarian. Use this product on both dogs and cats. Vet Solutions Universal Medicated Shampoo cleans and kills odours so there is no need to shampoo your dog or cat with multiple products. This shampoo can be purchased without a prescription through pet stores, various veterinarians and online. It costs between £13 and £19 for a 473ml bottle.

Sulfodene Medicated Shampoo & Conditioner for Dogs

Sulfodene has created a veterinarian-recommended medicated shampoo for dogs that is available without a prescription. It contains anti-itch components and helps to moisturise the skin and coat. This product can replace your canine companions normal shampoo because it cleans and gets rid of odours while preventing scaling and flaking. The shampoo, which sells for about £6 for a 354ml bottle, should not to be used on puppies or cats of any age.

Oxy Med

Oxy Med is a product that was created by Tropiclean. The medicated oatmeal shampoo is first used to clean your dogs coat and nourish the skin. After the shampoo is rinsed off, an additional product, the medicated rinse, is to be used. The rinse is meant to stop itching by killing bacteria and fungus. These two products together are meant to prevent or get rid of flaky skin or bacteria and fungus formation. The Oxy Med duo is also proven to relieve discomfort caused by flea bites or eczema. These products are veterinarian recommended and can be purchased from online retailers or pet stores for approximately £6 apiece.

21st Century Hydrocortisone Medicated Shampoo

This 21st Century product is veterinarian recommended and available without a prescription from a veterinarian. It relieves itching that is caused by minor skin irritations such as flea bites. Do not use this product to clean an infected area on your pet because it can cause the infection to spread. It can be used whenever you bathe our dog, which should be no more than once a week. An 236ml bottle is generally priced between £7 and £9.

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