Recovery from a bunion and hammertoe surgery

Updated April 17, 2017

How well you heal after hammer toe and bunion surgery depends on how closely you follow surgery aftercare instructions. Full recovery usually takes two to eight weeks. There are important things to do after this foot surgery.


You will have to wear special dressings after hammer toe and bunion surgery for up to two months. It's important to keep the dressings dry to prevent infection and allow the bones to heal properly.

Bearing Weight

Use crutches for the first two to three days after surgery, then gradually bear more weight on the foot as it heals.


It will be safe to drive about seven days after hammer toe and bunion surgery.


Control swelling in the foot by keeping it elevated above the level of the heart for two to three days after surgery. There will be some residual swelling for up to six months.


Wear only soft-soled, comfortable shoes in the first few months after surgery. Avoid high-heeled and narrow shoes to allow healing and prevent bunions and hammertoe from returning.

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