Fast Growing Shade Ivy

Updated February 21, 2017

Ivy is a shade-tolerant plant popularly used as a ground and wall cover. Vines are easy to grow and can benefit soil and home decor.


Partial and full shade locations where winters are cold are perfect for cultivating ivy. Too much sun can cause plants to burn, and should be avoided.


Ivy is a fast-growing and deep-rooting plant. Areas where erosion may be a problem can be mitigated through the introduction of ivy due to its dense root base.


Ivy can grow on a wall, fence or trellis. The north face of a building may be particularly suited for ivy growth because it provides more shade for the plant.


Shade ivy can be transplanted during any part of the growing season. The plant can easily provide a ground cover within one growing season if it is planted in the spring.

Special Varities

For a fast-growing shade ivy that will not hurt trees, consider using thorndale ivy (Hedera helix). This grows up tree trunks and spreads in a nonthreatening manner.

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