Head teacher's job description

Updated February 21, 2017

Head teachers play a crucial management role within a school, applying and developing the UK's national curriculum to ensure pupil success and managing the school's staff and budgets.


Head teachers typically have teaching experience or deputy head teacher experience. Interested parties will have to take and pass a head teacher training qualification exam, called the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH).


Head teachers act as the face of the school and must be able to greet school visitors. Head teachers may have to discuss problems with parents of students or schedule school meetings to discuss current events, school problems or other news. Head teachers also interact with the school's governing body, which is made up of teachers, local authority representatives and parents.


Head teachers ensure the school's lessons meet the UK's national curriculum. They ensure all pupils are learning and may identify those with special needs, and then help these students get special educational aid.


Head teachers must make sure that school is a safe environment for all students, as well as a safe workplace for teachers and staff. This means addressing repair issues, developing a student handbook and enforcing rules and regulations.


Head teachers manage school resources and may hire or train new staff as necessary. Management can include drafting a budget, making improvements to the school and approving sports teams or extra-curricular clubs.

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